The NCRA/ANREC Onboarding

The NCRA/ANREC Onboarding
Who is the NCRA/ANREC? And, how can they help?

Course Outline

About the NCRA/ANREC

  1. Overview
  2. The Membership Fee
  3. What does the NCRA/ANREC Offer?


  1. Regulatory Support
  2. Earshot Digital Distribution
  3. The Earshot Landing Website
  4. Community Radio Exchange
  5. Public Service Announcements
  6. National Advertising
  7. Community Radio Awards
  8. Earshot National Music Charts
  9. Advocacy and Lobbying
  10. 2021 Advocacy Report
  11. The Email Lists
  12. The Transmissions Newsletter
  13. Grant Development and Review
  14. Career / Job Board
  15. Consultancy & Governance Support

Training & Development

  1. The NCRA/ANREC E-learning School
  2. The e-learning library
  3. The Mentorship Program
  4. The Podcast School
  5. The National Community Radio Conference
  6. The Station Managers Summit

Knowledge & Information

  1. The C/C Wiki
  2. National Listener Survey Data
  3. Research on the C/C sector
  4. The Policy Exchange & Futureproofing
  5. The C/C White Pages

Partnerships (Deals)

  1. iHeart Radio Deal
  2. The Climate Initiative


  1. Conclusion

About the Course

This short walkthrough course outlines who we are, how we can help and some of our key policies. 

About the Instructors

Luke Smith

Luke Smith, Director of Learning and Development (NCRA/ANREC)