Your Copyright Obligations

Your Copyright Obligations
In this quick course we outline the copyright obligations that radio stations have for broadcasting music

Course Outline

Primer on copyright

  1. What is protected by copyright?
  2. More about copyright

Copyright Tarriffs for radio

  1. The Copyright Board of Canada
  2. Copyright Collectives
  3. SOCAN
  4. Tarif 1.B Non-Commercial Radio
  5. Re:Sound
  6. CMRRA and SOCAN Reproduction Rights
  7. CMRRA-SOCAN Reproduction Tariff Rates

The Tarriff Calculator

  1. The NCRA/ANREC Tariff Fee Calculator
  2. Tariff Forms

About the Course

In this course, we outline the broadcast obligations that stations have for broadcasting music. 

About the Instructors

Luke Smith

Luke Smith, Director of Learning and Development (NCRA/ANREC)