Advertising Restrictions

Advertising Restrictions
This course outlines the regulations as they relate to advertising on campus and community radio.

Course Outline


  1. Introduction

CRTC Conditions of License

  1. TV and Radio Advertising Basics
  2. CRTC Broadcast Regulatory Policy
  3. CRTC Policy Page
  4. For Campus Stations Only
  5. For Community Stations
  6. Advertising Regulations Quiz CRTC Regs

Canadian Ad Standards Code

  1. Ad Standards Canada
  2. The Canadian Code of Advertising Standards

Advertising to Children

  1. Advertising to Children
  2. Ad Standards: The Broadcast Code for Advertising to Children
  3. Canadian Association of Broadcasters: Advertising to Children Reference Guide
  4. Advertising Regulations Quiz Advertising to Children

Advertising Alcohol

  1. Advertising Alcohol Introduction
  2. Code for broadcast advertising of alcoholic beverages
  4. Advertising Regulations Quiz Advertising Alcohol

Advertising Smoking and Vaping

  1. The Tobacco Legislation
  2. Promotion of Tobacco
  3. Tobacco Sponsorship Promotion
  4. Vaping
  5. Health Canada confirms ban of advertising for vaping products wherever they can be seen or heard by youth
  6. Advertising Regulations Quiz Advertising Tobacco or Vaping

Advertising Cannabis

  1. Introduction to Advertising Cannabis
  2. Cannabis Act Promotion Prohibitions
  3. Promotion Prohibitions under the Cannabis Act Health Canada, Cannabis Legalization and Regulation Branch
  4. Advertising Regulations Quiz Advertising Cannabis

About the Course

In this course we will look at the regulations around advertising. This includes advertising to children, advertising of alcohol, vaping and cannabis. 

About the Instructors

Luke Smith

Luke Smith, Director of Learning and Development (NCRA/ANREC)