A course covering a wide range of topics associated with covering elections as a broadcaster

Course Outline

Elections Coverage - The Legal Obligations

  1. The Legal Requirements for C/C Radio
  2. The Canada Elections Act
  3. The Broadcast Act
  4. Detailed Guidance by the CRTC
  5. The Radio Regulations
  6. Equitable News Coverage
  7. Equity in Public Affairs Programming
  8. Equity in Third Language Programming
  9. Equitable Time
  10. Political Programming
  11. Community Radio and Balance
  12. What Satisfies Balance?
  13. How Should a C/C Station Break Down Equitable Access?

On-Air Personalities

  1. CRTC Guidance
  2. Yellowknife city council candidate off the radio airwaves following online backlash
  3. Candidates as On-Air Personalities
  4. Broadcast of Council Meetings
  5. School Board Candidate
  6. Music by Candidates for Office
  7. Programmers Sharing Their Opinions

Advertising & Fundraising

  1. Fundraising During Elections
  2. You Legal Obligation Paid Ad Time
  3. Who is the Elections Broadcast Arbitrator?
  4. The Elections Broadcast Arbitrator discusses the regulations

Party Political Messages outside of Elections

  1. Holiday Greetings
  2. Interviewing Candidates in Elections Outside of Canada

Ideas For Balance

  1. Potential Ideas To Promote Balance in Election Coverage


  1. The Elections Compliance Quiz

About the Course

About the Instructors

Luke Smith

Luke Smith, Director of Learning and Development (NCRA/ANREC)