Accessibility Diversity Course

Accessibility Diversity Course
A detailed course on accessibility developed by Cameron Wells of CJAM-FM

Course Outline

Accessibility Diversity Course

  1. Overview of the Course
  2. Chapter 1: Disability Defined
  3. Chapter 2: Are Legal Protections Enough
  4. Chapter 3: Disabilities in Relationships
  5. Chapter 4: Disability In Culture
  6. Chapter 5: Acquired Disabilities
  7. Chapter 6: Myths of Disability Life
  8. Chapter 7: The Adaptable World
  9. Chapter 8: Disabilities In The Media
  10. Chapter 9: Disabilities Philosophy
  11. Chapter 10: Opportunities Then and Now
  12. Chapter 11: Poverty and Disability
  13. Chapter 12: Rare Disorders
  14. Chapter 13: Disability Accomplishments
  15. Chapter 14: The Impact of Disability
  16. Chapter 15: Accessible Academics

About the Course

I, Cameron Wells developed Accessible Diversity based on my 12 years hosting and producing the syndicated disability issues program Handi-Link for CJAM 99.1 fm. 

It was my intention to cover the lesser discussed or misunderstood aspects of disability life ranging from how fictional characters are portrayed to interactions in a work setting to cultural attitudes on disability and a wide range in between. 

It was slated for presentation to elder College (a sublet of Canterbury College) in March 2020 prior to the Covid Pandemic and will be scheduled upon reopening. 

Interviews include a US government representative explaining a legal loophole allowing workers with disabilities to be paid below minimum wage to RJ Mitte from T.V.’s   Breaking Bad talking about bullying awareness concerning persons with disabilities, along with experts sharing their insights. 

It is my hope this course can be used to offer a real life story of persons with disabilities in order to allow the truth of their capabilities and to demonstrate disability is not a single matter to be understood, that it is in fact the complexities of a wide range of talents and aspirations.