Board of Directors Monthly Micro Training

Board of Directors Monthly Micro Training
Monthly Micro-Training for Radio Station Board and Staff

Course Outline


  1. Welcome to Monthly Training!

October - Mission Vision Values

  1. What is the Mission?
  2. Do We Have A Vision?
  3. How do we achieve those though our values?
  4. Building and Reviewing your Mission, Vision and Values to become a Strategic Plan
  5. Quiz - Mission Vision Values
  6. Attendence

November - Roles and Duties

  1. A Director’s Legal Responsibilities
  2. Types of Board
  3. Officers of the Board
  4. Director Dissent
  5. Minutes of the Board
  6. Quiz - Roles and Duties
  7. Attendence

December - Committees and AGM

  1. Committees
  2. Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  3. Typical AGM
  4. Quiz - Committees and AGM
  5. Attendance

January - Non-Profit Regulations (TBA)

About the Course

This training course is designed to help provide a baseline understanding for all Board (and staff) members about the duties of the Board of Directors at a Campus/Community Radio Station. It is designed so that each month, the board member at a station will log in, complete the 5-15 minute training course and then will be prepared for a board of directors meeting at their local station. You can work ahead, as necessary. 

About the Instructors

Barry Rooke

Barry Rooke