Creating A Podcast: Presentation By HomoGround

Creating A Podcast: Presentation By HomoGround
Lynn Casper of Homoground Shares her experience creating a top 10 podcast

Course Outline

The Pioneering A Podcast Session

  1. About The Session
  3. The Presentation
  4. Were You Watching Closely?

About the Course

Listed by Cosmopolitan and others as one of the top ten LGBTQ Podcasts available, Homoground highlights LGBTQ+ musicians and bands. They are showcased in interviews and mixtapes. Lynn and her Producer Margaret talk about how you can work to launch a top ten podcast! 

Homoground is a queer (identified & allied) podcast focusing on bands, events and organizations that often get overlooked by mainstream publications and platforms. Run by Lynn Casper, and based out of Brooklyn, the podcast’s first episode aired in January 2011 and has quickly become a favorite of the queer community.

About the Instructors

Luke Smith

Luke Smith, Director of Learning and Development (NCRA/ANREC)