Centering Disabilities As Abilities

Centering Disabilities As Abilities
Kareem and Micheal talk about how to recenter Disabilities As Abilities!

Course Outline

Outline of the Course

  1. This Course
  2. Micheal's Presentation
  3. Kareem's Presentation
  4. Kareem First Video
  5. Kareem Second Video
  6. Kareem Third Video
  7. Barriers - Funding, Training and Other Obstacles
  8. Introduction to Snoball Activity
  9. Centering Disabilities As Abilities Snowball Activity
  10. Activity Debreif
  11. Restructuring Radio's Impression
  12. What Is Your Station Doing To Improve Accessibility?
  13. Micheal centering abilities!
  14. Introducing The disAbilities Handbook
  15. The disAbilities Handbook

About the Course

As part of a series highlighting how to improve accessibility, we invite you to join Kareem of CHHA-AM in Toronto and Michael of CJSW-FM in Winnipeg. 

Kareem will be speaking about what some of the challenges are facing people living with disabilities in engaging with, and working/volunteering with the media. 

Michael from CJSW-FM will be speaking about how campus and community radio stations can recenter how they view disabilities as abilities, and how that can further add to the station. 

The session is supported by Employment and Social Development Canada as part of the NCRA/ANREC Accessibility grant. 

About the Instructors

Luke Smith

Luke Smith, Director of Learning and Development (NCRA/ANREC)