Regulatory Compliance Level One

Regulatory Compliance Level One
An introductory course on regulatory compliance for campus and community radio.

Course Outline


  1. The Definitions of Campus and Community Radio
  2. What the Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission Says
  3. The CRTC Policy
  4. Definitions Quiz
  5. What Does Campus and Community Radio Mean to You?

Native B Stations

  1. Definition of Native B Broadcaster
  2. The CRTC Policy
  3. Definition Quiz
  4. Regulatory Compliance Level One: Native B Policy

The Mandates

  1. Mandate for Community Stations
  2. Mandate for Campus Stations
  3. The Mandate Quiz
  4. Milestone for Mandate

Internet Stations

  1. The Internet Stations
  2. Internet Station Membership with the NCRA/ANREC
  3. Copyright Obligation for Internet Stations
  4. Internet Stations Quiz

Canadian Content

  1. What is Canadian Content?
  2. How Much Canadian Content in a week?
  3. How Do You Define CanCon? With MAPL
  4. Collaborations with Non Canadians
  5. Compliance Quiz 5: Canadian Content

Music Categories

  1. The Fundamentals for c/c stations
  2. Category 2: Popular Music
  3. Category 2: Popular Music - The Subcategories
  5. Is Reggae Pop or Cultural?
  6. Length = Unloggable?
  7. Medleys and Montages
  8. What Makes a Hit?
  9. The Campus Hit Limit
  10. Indigenous Music & CRTC Classifications
  11. Music Categories Quiz

Profanity & Abuse

  1. Profanity Obscenity, and Abusive Comment
  2. Abusive Content
  3. Profanity and Obscenity
  4. Complaints: Best Practices
  5. Regulatory COmpliance Quiz

Regulatory Compliance Quiz

  1. Regulatory Compliance Level One Milestone
  2. New activity

About the Course

An introductory course on regulatory compliance for campus and community radio. 

About the Instructors

Luke Smith

Luke Smith, Learning and Development Officer