Work Place Harassment and Violence Prevention Regulations

Work Place Harassment and Violence Prevention Regulations
This short training pertains to new regulations for federally regulated businesses on work place harassment

Course Outline


  1. Introduction
  2. Where are we at?
  3. Examples of harassment and violence
  4. What is 'not' harassment?
  5. Definitions

What Should Be In The Policy?

  1. What should be included in your policy?
  2. The government Sample Policy (For orgs with 300+ Employees)
  3. Sample Policy adapted by NCRA/ANREC
  4. Updating and Review

Risk Assessment

  1. The Requirement for a Risk Assessment
  2. Workplace harassment and violence risk assessment tool
  3. Monitoring and review of the assessment
  4. Am I qualified to Assess Risk?
  5. How to identify risks?
  6. Creating Preventative Measures

Emergency Procedures

  1. Requirement for Emergency Procedures

Record Keeping & Reporting

  1. Reporting to The Labour Program
  2. A Fatality Report
  3. Health and Safety Records

What Happens When There's Non-Compliance?

  1. What options are on the table?
  2. Occupational Health and Safety and Compliance
  3. Progressive Accountability Practices

Information and Training

  1. Posting of Information
  2. Training Required
  3. The 'Designated Recipient ' - The HVP (Anti-Harassment and Violence Prevention Team)

The Resolution Process

  1. Providing Notice of an Occurrence
  2. Exception to providing Notice
  3. What happens when the Employee is the subject of notice?
  4. Ending the Process
  5. Alerting the Principle party, the Responding party and Witnesses
  6. Negotiated Resolution
  7. Conciliation (mediation)
  8. Monthly Status Updates

The Investigation

  1. Requirement of an Investigation and Notice
  2. Selecting an Investigator
  3. Investigator's Qualifications
  4. Report from the Investigator
  5. Implementing The Recommendations

When an Occurrence is Completed

  1. When is an occurrence considered completed?
  2. Completion of Resolution Process

Additional Elements

  1. Employer and Health and Safety representative unable to agree?
  2. Former Employees
  3. Important Guidance for Smaller Stations

Other Resources

  1. Resources Regulation
  2. Guide to violence prevention in the workplace
  3. Anti-harassment Posters
  4. List of Professional Threat Assessors
  5. Individualized Workplace Domestic Violence Safety Plan Template

About the Course

About the Instructors

Luke Smith

Luke Smith, Director of Learning and Development (NCRA/ANREC)